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Re: Looking for a C++ development tool

    Do you know the executable name for the Source Navigator?  I can't find
anything that looks even remotely like it would be it on the new RT install.



Tony Wetmore wrote:

> Frank,
> GNUPro was (and perhaps still is) the name of a product distributed and
> supported by Cygnus Solutions (later bought by Red Hat) that provided
> pre-built and tested versions of the GNU toolchain, along with the
> Source Navigator code comprehension tool.
> At one of my previous jobs, we purchased the GNUPro toolset in order to
> have a supported version of the GNU toolchain with which to build our
> software.
> Along with the rest of the GNU tools, Source Navigator is (now) an open
> source tool.
> So is GNUPro nothing more than a CD with all the GNU tools on it?  Well
> yes and no.  No, it doesn't provide any additional software (to my
> knowledge).  But yes, it is "something more."  It is a pre-configured,
> built and tested set of (integrated) software tools.  So you do not have
> to worry about downloading, configuring, building and testing the tools
> for yourself.  For many people (and especially businesses), there is
> value added in such a product.  For many others, it's not a service they
> are willing to pay for.
> Though you have probably already found it, here is a link to exactly
> what GNUPro contains:
> Personally, I have used Source Navigator quite a bit.  I have not yet
> found a "better" IDE for my own C++ development on Unix/Linux.  My
> definition of "better" is not based on features provided, speed,
> integrated-ness or anything measurable.  It is completely subjective and
> is based on my own personal development style and the projects on which
> I work.
> I have tried many IDEs and have always ended up dumping them for one
> reason or another.  I may not like the way an IDE manages projects, or I
> may not like the editor, or I may not like the way code/symbol
> navigation works, or whatever.  I always manage to come back to Source
> Navigator, even though it may not do everything exactly as I would want
> it to.  For me, it's the best tool for the job, since I haven't yet
> found the time to write my own IDE.
> As I'm sure you already know, there are many C++ IDEs for Linux, most of
> them available at no cost.  Each has its own set of features and quirks,
> and every developer will have their own personal favorite.  You should
> try out as many as possible and find the one best suited to your
> needs/desires.
> Other IDEs you may want to investigate:
>    - Eclipse ( Open-source IDE for Java with
>      plug-ins for other languages, such as C++.  I have not used
>      it for C++ development (yet), but it absolutely rocks for doing
>      Java development.
>    - Metrowerks Code Warrior ( Commercial IDE that
>      is used in many different industries on many different platforms,
>      including Linux.  I have not used it, but I keep meaning to
>      evalute it.  It costs $149, $49 if you are looking for an
>      academic license.
>    - Visual Slick Edit ( Commercial text editor
>      with an amazing amount of flexibility and power.  It offers many
>      of the same features you would find in an IDE.  You can
>      download an evaluation copy for Windows and use that for 30
>      days.  The Linux version is essentially identical, but they
>      do not offer a full-evaluation version.  The license is $269
>      per platform.  This is my editor of choice at home, but I do
>      not have it at work, so back to Source Navigator and XEmacs
>      I went. ;)
> I hope this helps you in your search.  Good luck!
> ---
> Tony Wetmore
> Raytheon Solipsys
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> From: [] On
> Behalf Of Frank
> Sent: Wednesday, July 23, 2003 12:06 PM
> To: LLeweLLyn Reese
> Cc: GNU GCC help list
> Subject: Re: Looking for a C++ development tool
> Is GNUPro nothing more then a CD with all the GNU tools on it? I.e. it
> provides no value added? I.e. not a integrated development environment
> like Kdevelop or Sun's Studio?
> LLeweLLyn Reese wrote:
> > Frank <> writes:
> >
> > > I'm looking for a C++ development tool/GUI for Linux or Solaris and
> > > if it uses GNU g++  probably all the better. Looking for some things
> > > similar to the sun workshop/stuidio developer environment.  Want
> > > something that helps you interactively debug a program from a run
> > > time and compile time etc. Looking for something under $1000
> > > probably.  Any suggestions?
> >
> > The ones I've heard good things about are KDevelop and GNUpro. Of
> >     course, I don't use either of these, I use emacs.

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