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RE: trouble building gcc

> OS = WinXP w/ Interix (csh)
> /bin/sh: syntax error: ')' unexpected

You've caught me on the way out of the office, so here's the 60-second

Interix's shell (pdksh?) doesn't like that construct in the makefile (it's
an environment expansion of a name based on an environment expansion with a
default or similar). You can edit out the block - or you use can use bash as
your shell. I think that needs a little porting too, but someone else has
done the work:

The binary downloaded from there worked fine for me.

Other problems you might see:

1) the assembler might get upset at some point; if you build and use the
assembler from the latest binutils then all will be well. *DO NOT* install
the linker (ld) from the latest binutils - hasn't worked for a long time.
May now be fixed, but I haven't looked recently.

2) there might be some warnings that trip -Werror. Configure GCC not to pass
-Werror; can't remember what the configure flag is, or edit it out of the

3) gcc/config/i386/i386-interix3.h is missing ASM_DECLARE_FUNCTION_NAME. I
borrowed the one from cygwin.h in the same directory and the bootstrap
completed OK.

I can't vouch how good the resulting compiler is - I've been meaning to work
through the testsuite failures but I've never found the time. I also didn't
build java last time; I can't remember if that was because of a failure or
just to save time.

Good luck,

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