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Re: Unknown option "--traditional-format" ignored

"Rupert Wood" <> writes:

> Milind Kulkarni wrote: 
> (I'm a bit behind on gcc on HP/UX but ...)
> > as: warning 2: Unknown option "--traditional-format" ignored.
> It looks like GCC thinks it's talking to the GNU assembler when in fact it's
> using the HP bundled assembler. IIRC the bundled assembler can't emit
> debugging information so you're well advised to get the GNU assembler from
> the binutils package. Once you have that GCC should just work.
> Alternatively, you can rebuild GCC yourself from source to expect the
> bundled assembler but it takes a bit of manual intervention - the bundled
> assembler embeds timestamps, for example, so the usual GCC bootstrap trips
> comparing stages 2 and 3 when the object code might actually match. And
> chances are the odd ISO-ism has crept into the source so it might not build
> using HP bundled C straight out of the box.

I'm not famaliar with HPUX at all. But*-hp-hpux11
    seems helpful. In particular, it has a link to hpux binaries, so
    one needn't rely on the bundled HP C, which has a bad reputation
    in gcc forums.

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