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Re: I have a problem with compiling GCC

Hi Stefan,

Thank you for the compliment. I figure I know about 50%, and others know the other 50%... and that's why I'm always on this list trying to get answers and improve my understanding. And share my (sometimes correct even!) information with others... it's the LGPL way.

It appears that you downloaded GCC source code. What you need is the pre-compiled GCC binary for GNU/Linux Red Hat 7.3.

If you really want to use the GCC source code you downloaded, you still need the pre-compiled GCC binary for GNU/Linux Red Hat 7.3, which you can use to bootstrap build your downloaded GCC source. Then build & install your own version of GCC.

Lots of "how to" information at: <> (somewhat outdated, but still good stuff)

As I understand it, you can also install GCC using Red Hat's RPM mechanism. Some info here: <>. I've never used RPM directly.

Also, pre-compiled GCC is available & installable from the Red Hat CDs / ISO 9660 images.

Plus, Alexandre Oliva on this forum is a Red Hat guru, and probably can give you far better pointers and up to date information about Red Hat than I. I'm a Darwin / Solaris / AmigaOS / Win32 (ick) / SuSE kind of guy, although I did install Red Hat 9.0 recently (smooth as silk install! Beeee-yoooooooo-ti-ful!).

HTH, good luck,

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