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r227154 - in /branches/gomp-4_0-branch/gcc: Cha...

Author: jsm28
Date: Mon Aug 24 22:21:24 2015
New Revision: 227154

Fix default -foffload option generation.

Generating a default -foffload option via specs meant that if the only
-foffload option specified options without specifying a target (i.e.,
options applicable to all the configured offload targets), then the
offload_targets variable was never set and so an assertion failure
resulted (as well as OFFLOAD_TARGET_NAMES not being exported).  Rather
than trying to make the specs produce something if no -foffload=*
options other than -foffload=-* options were passed, this patch
defaults the offload targets after the original command line is
processed (and before extra options from these specs are processed, so
before the assertion is executed).

	* gcc.c (driver_self_specs) [ENABLE_OFFLOADING]: Don't generate a
	-foffload option.
	(process_command): Call handle_foffload_option (OFFLOAD_TARGETS)
	if no offload target specified.


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