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r206022 - in /trunk/gcc/testsuite: gcc.dg/vect/...

Author: jakub
Date: Mon Dec 16 18:24:15 2013
New Revision: 206022

	* tree-vectorizer.h (struct _loop_vec_info): Add scalar_loop field.
	(slpeel_tree_duplicate_loop_to_edge_cfg): Add scalar_loop argument.
	* config/i386/ (maskload<mode>, maskstore<mode>): New expanders.
	* tree-data-ref.c (get_references_in_stmt): Handle MASK_LOAD and
	* internal-fn.def (LOOP_VECTORIZED, MASK_LOAD, MASK_STORE): New
	internal fns.
	* tree-if-conv.c: Include expr.h, optabs.h, tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.h and
	(release_bb_predicate): New function.
	(free_bb_predicate): Use it.
	(reset_bb_predicate): Likewise.  Don't unallocate bb->aux
	just to immediately allocate it again.
	(add_to_predicate_list): Add loop argument.  If basic blocks that
	dominate loop->latch don't insert any predicate.
	(add_to_dst_predicate_list): Adjust caller.
	(if_convertible_phi_p): Add any_mask_load_store argument, if true,
	handle it like flag_tree_loop_if_convert_stores.
	(insert_gimplified_predicates): Likewise.
	(ifcvt_can_use_mask_load_store): New function.
	(if_convertible_gimple_assign_stmt_p): Add any_mask_load_store
	argument, check if some conditional loads or stores can't be
	converted into MASK_LOAD or MASK_STORE.
	(if_convertible_stmt_p): Add any_mask_load_store argument,
	pass it down to if_convertible_gimple_assign_stmt_p.
	(predicate_bbs): Don't return bool, only check if the last stmt
	of a basic block is GIMPLE_COND and handle that.  Adjust
	add_to_predicate_list caller.
	(if_convertible_loop_p_1): Only call predicate_bbs if
	flag_tree_loop_if_convert_stores and free_bb_predicate in that case
	afterwards, check gimple_code of stmts here.  Replace is_predicated
	check with dominance check.  Add any_mask_load_store argument,
	pass it down to if_convertible_stmt_p and if_convertible_phi_p,
	call if_convertible_phi_p only after all if_convertible_stmt_p
	(if_convertible_loop_p): Add any_mask_load_store argument,
	pass it down to if_convertible_loop_p_1.
	(predicate_mem_writes): Emit MASK_LOAD and/or MASK_STORE calls.
	(combine_blocks): Add any_mask_load_store argument, pass
	it down to insert_gimplified_predicates and call predicate_mem_writes
	if it is set.  Call predicate_bbs.
	(version_loop_for_if_conversion): New function.
	(tree_if_conversion): Adjust if_convertible_loop_p and combine_blocks
	calls.  Return todo flags instead of bool, call
	version_loop_for_if_conversion if if-conversion should be just
	for the vectorized loops and nothing else.
	(main_tree_if_conversion): Adjust caller.  Don't call
	tree_if_conversion for dont_vectorize loops if if-conversion
	isn't explicitly enabled.
	* tree-vect-data-refs.c (vect_check_gather): Handle
	(vect_analyze_data_refs, vect_supportable_dr_alignment): Likewise.
	* gimple.h (gimple_expr_type): Handle MASK_STORE.
	* internal-fn.c (expand_LOOP_VECTORIZED, expand_MASK_LOAD,
	expand_MASK_STORE): New functions.
	* tree-vectorizer.c: Include tree-cfg.h and gimple-fold.h.
	(vect_loop_vectorized_call, fold_loop_vectorized_call): New functions.
	(vectorize_loops): Don't try to vectorize loops with
	loop->dont_vectorize set.  Set LOOP_VINFO_SCALAR_LOOP for if-converted
	loops, fold LOOP_VECTORIZED internal call depending on if loop
	has been vectorized or not.
	* tree-vect-loop-manip.c (slpeel_duplicate_current_defs_from_edges):
	New function.
	(slpeel_tree_duplicate_loop_to_edge_cfg): Add scalar_loop argument.
	If non-NULL, copy basic blocks from scalar_loop instead of loop, but
	still to loop's entry or exit edge.
	(slpeel_tree_peel_loop_to_edge): Add scalar_loop argument, pass it
	down to slpeel_tree_duplicate_loop_to_edge_cfg.
	(vect_do_peeling_for_loop_bound, vect_do_peeling_for_loop_alignment):
	Adjust callers.
	(vect_loop_versioning): If LOOP_VINFO_SCALAR_LOOP, perform loop
	versioning from that loop instead of LOOP_VINFO_LOOP, move it to the
	right place in the CFG afterwards.
	* tree-vect-loop.c (vect_determine_vectorization_factor): Handle
	* cfgloop.h (struct loop): Add dont_vectorize field.
	* tree-loop-distribution.c (copy_loop_before): Adjust
	slpeel_tree_duplicate_loop_to_edge_cfg caller.
	* optabs.def (maskload_optab, maskstore_optab): New optabs.
	* passes.def: Add a note that pass_vectorize must immediately follow
	* tree-predcom.c (split_data_refs_to_components): Give up if
	DR_STMT is a call.
	* tree-vect-stmts.c (vect_mark_relevant): Don't crash if lhs
	is NULL.
	(exist_non_indexing_operands_for_use_p): Handle MASK_LOAD
	(vectorizable_mask_load_store): New function.
	(vectorizable_call): Call it for MASK_LOAD or MASK_STORE.
	(vect_transform_stmt): Handle MASK_STORE.
	* tree-ssa-phiopt.c (cond_if_else_store_replacement): Ignore
	DR_STMT where lhs is NULL.
	* optabs.h (can_vec_perm_p): Fix up comment typo.
	(can_vec_mask_load_store_p): New prototype.
	* optabs.c (can_vec_mask_load_store_p): New function.

	* gcc.dg/vect/vect-cond-11.c: New test.
	* New test.
	* New test.
	* New test.
	* gcc.dg/vect/vect-mask-loadstore-1.c: New test.
	* gcc.dg/vect/vect-mask-load-1.c: New test.


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