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r123596 - in /trunk/gcc/ada: sem_ch7.adb sem_ch...

Author: charlet
Date: Fri Apr  6 10:26:50 2007
New Revision: 123596

2007-04-06  Ed Schonberg  <>
	    Thomas Quinot  <>

	*, sem_ch7.adb (Inspect_Deferred_Constant_Completion): Move
	out of Analyze_Package_Declaration, because processing must be applied
	to package bodies as well, for deferred constants completed by pragmas.
	(Analyze_Package_Declaration): When the package declaration being
	analyzed does not require an explicit body, call Check_Completion.
	(May_Need_Implicit_Body): An implicit body is required when a package
	spec contains the declaration of a remote access-to-classwide type.
	(Analyze_Package_Body): If the package contains RACWs, append the
	pending subprogram bodies generated by exp_dist at the end of the body.
	(New_Private_Type,Unit_Requires_Body): Split Is_Abstract flag into
	Is_Abstract_Subprogram and Is_Abstract_Type.
	(Preserve_Full_Attributes): The full entity list is not an attribute
	that must be preserved from full to partial view.

        * sem_dist.adb (Add_RAS_Dereference_TSS):
        Change primitive name to _Call so it cannot clash with any legal
        identifier, and be special-cased in Check_Completion.
        Mark the full view of the designated type for the RACW associated with
        a RAS as Comes_From_Source to get proper view switching when installing
        private declarations.
        Provite a placeholder nested package body along with the nested spec
        to have a place for Append_RACW_Bodies to generate the calling stubs
        and stream attributes.


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