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r123588 - in /trunk/gcc/ada: par-prag.adb sem_p...

Author: charlet
Date: Fri Apr  6 10:25:05 2007
New Revision: 123588

2007-04-06  Robert Dewar  <>
	    Javier Miranda  <>
	    Bob Duff  <>
	    Vincent Celier  <>

	* par-prag.adb (Prag): Add dummy entry for pragma Compile_Time_Error
	(Extensions_Allowed): No longer sets Ada_Version
	Entry for pragma Unreferenced_Objects

	* sem_prag.adb (Analyze_Pragma, case Priority): Force with of
	system.tasking if pragma priority used in a procedure
	(Analyze_Pragma, case Warning): Handle dot warning switches
	(Process_Compile_Time_Warning_Or_Error): New procedure
	(Analyze_Pragma): Add processing for Compile_Time_Error
	Add support for extra arguments External_Name and Link_Name.
	Remove code associated with pragmas CPP_Virtual and CPP_Vtable.
	(Process_Import_Or_Interface): Add support for the use of pragma Import
	with tagged types.
	(Extensions_Allowed): No longer affects Ada_Version
	(Analyze_Pragma): Split Is_Abstract flag into Is_Abstract_Subprogram and
	Is_Abstract_Type. Make sure these are called only when appropriate.
	Add processing for pragma Unreferenced_Objects

	* snames.h,, snames.adb: Add entry for pragma
	Add new standard name Minimum_Binder_Options for new gprmake
	Add new standard names for gprmake: Archive_Suffix,
	Library_Auto_Init_Supported, Library_Major_Minor_Id_Supported,
	Library_Support, Library_Version_Options,
	Shared_Library_Prefix, Shared_Library_Suffix, Symbolic_Link_Supported.
	Change Name_Call to Name_uCall so that it cannot clash with a legal
	subprogram name.
	Add new standard names Mapping_Spec_Suffix and Mapping_Body_Suffix
	Append C_Plus_Plus to convention identifiers as synonym for CPP
	Add new standard names Stack and Builder_Switches
	Add new standard names: Compiler_Minimum_Options, Global_Config_File,
	Library_Builder, Local_Config_File, Objects_Path, Objects_Path_File,
	Run_Path_Option, Toolchain_Version.
	Entry for pragma Unreferenced_Objects

	* switch-c.adb (Scan_Front_End_Switches): Store correct -gnateD
	switches, without repetition of "eD". Make sure that last character of
	-gnatep= switch is not taken as -gnat switch character.
	Complete rewrite of circuit for handling saving compilation options
	Occasioned by need to support dot switchs for -gnatw, but cleans up
	things in general.
	-gnatX does not affect Ada_Version
	Include -gnatyA in -gnatg style switches

	*, sem_warn.adb (Output_Unreferenced_Messages): Exclude
	warnings on return objects.
	(Warn_On_Useless_Assignment): Exclude warnings on return objects
	(Set_Dot_Warning_Switch): New procedure
	(Check_References): Add missing case of test for
	(Output_Unreferenced_Messages): Implement effect of new pragma
	Unreferenced_Objects, remove special casing of limited controlled


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