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r118269 - in /trunk/gcc/ada: exp_ch7.adb exp_ut...

Author: charlet
Date: Tue Oct 31 17:57:36 2006
New Revision: 118269

2006-10-31  Bob Duff  <>
	    Ed Schonberg  <>
	    Robert Dewar  <>

	* exp_ch7.adb (Build_Array_Deep_Procs, Build_Record_Deep_Procs,
	Make_Deep_Record_Body): Rename Is_Return_By_Reference_Type to be
	Is_Inherently_Limited_Type, because return-by-reference has no meaning
	in Ada 2005.
	(Find_Node_To_Be_Wrapped): Use new method of determining the result
	type of the function containing a return statement, because the
	Return_Type field was removed. We now use the Return_Applies_To field.

        *, exp_util.adb: Use new subtype N_Membership_Test
	(Build_Task_Image_Decl): If procedure is not called from an
	initialization procedure, indicate that function that builds task name
	uses the sec. stack. Otherwise the enclosing initialization procedure
	will carry the indication.
	(Insert_Actions): Remove N_Return_Object_Declaration. We now use
	N_Object_Declaration instead.
	(Kill_Dead_Code): New interface to implement -gnatwt warning for
	conditional dead code killed, and change implementation accordingly.
	(Insert_Actions): Add N_Return_Object_Declaration case.
	Correct comment to mention N_Extension_Aggregate node.
	(Set_Current_Value_Condition): Call Safe_To_Capture_Value to avoid bad
	attempts to save information for global variables which cannot be
	safely tracked.
	(Get_Current_Value_Condition): Handle conditions the other way round
	(constant on left). Also handle right operand of AND and AND THEN
	(Set_Current_Value_Condition): Corresponding changes
	(Append_Freeze_Action): Remove unnecessary initialization of Fnode.
	(Get_Current_Value_Condition): Handle simple boolean operands
	(Get_Current_Value_Condition): Handle left operand of AND or AND THEN
	(Get_Current_Value_Condition): If the variable reference is within an
	if-statement, does not appear in the list of then_statments, and does
	not come from source, treat it as being at unknown location.
	(Get_Current_Value_Condition): Enhance to allow while statements to be
	processed as well as if statements.
	(New_Class_Wide_Subtype): The entity for a class-wide subtype does not
	come from source.
	(OK_To_Do_Constant_Replacement): Allow constant replacement within body
	of loop. This is safe now that we fixed Kill_Current_Values.
	(OK_To_Do_Constant_Replacement): Check whether current scope is
	Standard, before examining outer scopes.


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