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r117398 - in /branches/dataflow-branch/gcc: Cha...

Author: rsandifo
Date: Tue Oct  3 16:11:43 2006
New Revision: 117398

	* cselib.h (cselib_discard_hook): Declare.
	* cselib.c (cselib_discard_hook): New variable.
	(remove_useless_values): Call it before freeing useless values.
	* dce.c (base_address): New union.
	(store_base_info): Change the type of the base field from "rtx"
	to "union base_address".
	(local_invariant_stores, local_value_stores): New variables.
	(store_base_eq): Split into...
	(invariant_store_base_eq, value_store_base_eq): ...these new functions.
	(store_base_hash): Split into...
	(invariant_store_base_hash, value_store_base_hash): ...these
	new functions.
	(store_base_del): Fix formatting.
	(init_store_group): Split into...
	(init_invariant_store_group, init_value_store_group): ...these
	new functions.
	(init_dse): Use init_invariant_store_group instead of init_store_group.
	(get_canonical_address): Delete.
	(add_store_offset): Change the type of BASE from "rtx" to "union
	base_address *".
	(record_store): Remove the GROUP parameter.  Don't call
	get_canonical_address.  Store the base in a "union base_address" and
	add stores to either local_invariant_stores or local_value_stores.
	(record_stores): Remove the GROUP parameter and adjust the calls
	to record_store.
	(store_base_local): Add a parameter that indicates whether stores
	are invariant or cselib_vals.
	(invariant_store_base_local): New function.
	(value_store_base_local): Likewise.
	(value_store_base_useless): Likewise.
	(remove_useless_values): Likewise.
	(store_base_prune_needed): Adjust for store_base_info changes.
	(prescan_insns_for_dse): Remove the local group variable and use
	local_invariant_stores and local_value_stores instead.  Adjust the
	call to record_stores.  Use remove_useless_values as the
	cselib_discard_hook while processing a basic block.


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