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r111091 - in /trunk/gcc/ada: sem_ch12.adb sem_c...

Author: charlet
Date: Wed Feb 15 09:44:24 2006
New Revision: 111091

2006-02-13  Thomas Quinot  <>
	    Robert Dewar  <>
	    Ed Schonberg  <>
	    Javier Miranda  <>

	* sem_ch12.adb (Inline_Instance_Body): Remove erroneous assumption
	that Scope_Stack.First = 1.
	Properly handle Ada_Version_Explicit and Ada_Version_Config, which
	were not always properly handled previously.
	(Formal_Entity): Complete rewrite, to handle properly some complex case
	with multiple levels of parametrization by formal packages.
	(Analyze_Formal_Derived_Type): Propagate Ada 2005 "limited" indicator
	to the corresponding derived type declaration for proper semantics.

	* sem_prag.adb (Analyze_Pragma): Remove '!' in warning message.
	(Check_Component): Enforce restriction on components of
	unchecked_unions: a component in a variant cannot contain tasks or
	controlled types.
	(Unchecked_Union): Allow nested variants and multiple discriminants, to
	conform to AI-216.
	Add pragma Ada_2005 (synonym for Ada_05)
	Properly handle Ada_Version_Explicit and Ada_Version_Config, which
	were not always properly handled previously.
	Document that pragma Propagate_Exceptions has no effect
	(Analyze_Pragma, case Pure): Set new flag Has_Pragma_Pure
	(Set_Convention_From_Pragma): Check that if a convention is
	specified for a dispatching operation, then it must be
	consistent with the existing convention for the operation.
	(CPP_Class): Because of the C++ ABI compatibility, the programmer is no
	longer required to specify an vtable-ptr component in the record. For
	compatibility reasons we leave the support for the previous definition.
	(Analyze_Pragma, case No_Return): Allow multiple arguments

	*, sem_ch3.adb (Check_Abstract_Overriding): Flag a
	non-overrideen inherited operation with a controlling result as
	illegal only its implicit declaration comes from the derived type
	declaration of its result's type.
	(Check_Possible_Deferred_Completion): Relocate the object definition
	node of the subtype indication of a deferred constant completion rather
	than directly analyzing it. The analysis of the generated subtype will
	correctly decorate the GNAT tree.
	(Record_Type_Declaration): Check whether this is a declaration for a
	limited derived record before analyzing components.
	(Analyze_Component_Declaration): Diagnose record types  not explicitly
	declared limited when a component has a limited type.
	(Build_Derived_Record_Type): Code reorganization to check if some of
	the inherited subprograms of a tagged type cover interface primitives.
	This check was missing in case of a full-type associated with a private
	type declaration.
	(Constant_Redeclaration): Check that the subtypes of the partial and the
	full view of a constrained deferred constant statically match.
	(Mentions_T): A reference to the current type in an anonymous access
	component declaration  must be an entity name.
	(Make_Incomplete_Type_Declaration): If type is tagged, set type of
	class_wide type to refer to full type, not to the incomplete one.
	(Add_Interface_Tag_Components): Do nothing if RE_Interface_Tag is not
	available. Required to give support to the certified run-time.
	(Analyze_Component_Declaration): In case of anonymous access components
	perform missing checks for AARM 3.9.2(9) and 3.10.2 (12.2).
	(Process_Discriminants): For an access discriminant, use the
	discriminant specification as the associated_node_for_itype, to
	simplify accessibility checks.


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