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r111069 - in /trunk/gcc/ada: exp_util.adb exp_u...

Author: charlet
Date: Wed Feb 15 09:40:13 2006
New Revision: 111069

2006-02-13  Ed Schonberg  <>
	    Javier Miranda  <>
	    Eric Botcazou  <>

	*, exp_util.adb (Find_Prim_Op,
	Is_Predefined_Primitive_Operation): When
	searching for the predefined equality operator, verify that operands
	have the same type.
	(Is_Predefined_Dispatching_Operation): Remove the code that looks
	for the last entity in the list of aliased subprograms. This code
	was wrong in case of renamings.
	(Set_Renamed_Subprogram): New procedure
	(Remove_Side_Effects): Replace calls to Etype (Exp) with use of the
	Exp_Type constant computed when entering this subprogram.
	(Known_Null): New function
	(OK_To_Do_Constant_Replacement): New function
	(Known_Non_Null): Check scope before believing Is_Known_Non_Null flag
	(Side_Effect_Free): An attribute reference 'Input is not free of
	side effect, unlike other attributes that are functions. (from code
	(Remove_Side_Effects): Expressions that involve packed arrays or records
	are copied at the point of reference, and therefore must be marked as
	renamings of objects.
	(Is_Predefined_Dispatching_Operation): Return false if the operation is
	not a dispatching operation.

	PR ada/18819
	(Remove_Side_Effects): Lift enclosing type conversion nodes for
	elementary types in all cases.


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