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r111064 - in /trunk/gcc/ada: exp_disp.adb exp_d...

Author: charlet
Date: Wed Feb 15 09:39:06 2006
New Revision: 111064

2006-02-13  Javier Miranda  <>

	*, exp_disp.adb (Expand_Dispatching_Call): If the
	controlling argument of the dispatching call is an abstract interface
	class-wide type then we use it directly.
	Check No_Dispatching_Calls restriction.
	(Default_Prim_Op_Position): Remove the code that looks for the last
	entity in the list of aliased subprograms. This code was wrong in
	case of renamings.
	(Fill_DT_Entry): Add assertion to avoid the use of this subprogram
	when the source is compiled with the No_Dispatching_Calls restriction.
	(Init_Predefined_Interface_Primitives): No need to inherit primitives
	if we are compiling with restriction No_Dispatching_Calls.
	(Make_Disp_XXX): Addition of assertion to avoid the use of all these
	subprograms if we are compiling under No_Dispatching_Calls restriction.
	(Make_DT): Generate a dispatch table with a single dummy entry if
	we are compiling with the No_Dispatching_Calls restriction. In
	addition, in this case we don't generate code that calls to the
	following run-time subprograms: Set_Type_Kind, Inherit_DT.
	(Make_Select_Specific_Data_Table): Add assertion to avoid the use
	of this subprogram if compiling with the No_Dispatching_Calls
	(Expand_Type_Conversion): Instead of using the actual parameter,
	the argument passed as parameter to the conversion function was
	erroneously referenced by the expander.
	(Ada_Actions): Addition of Get_Predefined_Prim_Op_Address,
	Set_Predefined_Primitive_Op_Address and Set_Signature.
	(Expand_Dispatching_Call): Generate call to
	Get_Predefined_Prim_Op_Address for predefined primitives.
	(Fill_DT_Entry): Generate call to Set_Predefined_Prim_Op_Address for
	predefined primitives.
	(Make_DT, Make_Secondary_DT): If the tagged type has no user defined
	primitives we reserve one dummy entry to ensure that the tag does not
	point to some memory that is associated with some other object. In
	addition, remove all the old code that generated the assignments
	associated with the signature of the dispatch table and replace them
	by a call to the new subprogram Set_Signature.
	(Set_All_DT_Position): Change the algorithm because now we have a
	separate dispatch table associated with predefined primitive operations.
	(Expand_Interface_Conversion): In case of non-static offset_to_top
	add explicit dereference to get access to the object after the call
	to displace the pointer to the object.
	(Expand_Interface_Thunk): Modify the generation of the actual used
	in the calls to the run-time function Offset_To_Top to fulfil its
	new interface.
	(Make_DT): Add the new actuals required to call Set_Offset_To_Top.


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