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gcc/gcc ChangeLog mkmap-flat.awk mkmap-symver. ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gcc
Module name:	gcc
Changes by:	2004-11-17 05:39:03

Modified files:
	gcc            : ChangeLog mkmap-flat.awk mkmap-symver.awk 
	gcc/config     : t-slibgcc-darwin 
	gcc/config/sh  : t-linux 
Added files:
	gcc/config/sh  : libgcc-excl.ver 
Removed files:
	gcc            : libgcc-darwin.ver 
	gcc/config/sh  : libgcc-std.ver 

Log message:
	* mkmap-flat.awk, mkmap-symver.awk: If the last version
	assigned to a symbol was '%exclude', do not emit it anywhere.
	If leading_underscore is true, prefix all symbols from the
	version scripts with a leading underscore before comparing
	them with nm output or emitting them.  Remove support for dot
	* config/t-slibgcc-darwin (SHLIB_LINK): Use mkmap-flat.awk.
	(SHLIB_MAPFILES): Use libgcc-std.ver.
	(SHLIB_MKMAP_OPTS): Enable leading-underscore mode.
	(SHLIB_LINK): Add -Wl,-exported_symbols_list,$(SHLIB_MAP).
	* config/sh/t-linux: Use the normal libgcc-std.ver, plus
	libgcc-excl.ver and libgcc-glibc.ver.
	* config/sh/libgcc-excl.ver: New file.
	* config/sh/libgcc-std.ver, libgcc-darwin.ver: Delete.


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