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gcc/gcc ChangeLog.lno alias.c cfgl ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gcc
Module name:	gcc
Branch: 	lno-branch
Changes by:	2004-01-28 21:07:35

Modified files:
	gcc            : ChangeLog.lno alias.c cfgloop.h 
	                 cfgloopanal.c common.opt doloop.c flags.h 
	                 loop-unswitch.c loop.c opts.c params.def rtl.h 
	                 stor-layout.c toplev.c toplev.h unroll.c 
Added files:
	gcc            : loop-doloop.c loop-iv.c 

Log message:
	* loop-iv.c: New.
	* loop-doloop.c: New.
	* (loop-doloop.o, loop-iv.o): Add.
	* alias.c (init_alias_analysis): Test flag_unroll_loops instead of
	* cfgloop.h (struct rtx_iv, struct niter_desc): New.
	(get_loop_level, iv_analysis_loop_init, iv_get_reaching_def,
	iv_analyse, find_simple_exit, iv_number_of_iterations,
	iv_analysis_done, doloop_optimize_loops): Declare.
	* cfgloopanal.c (get_loop_level): New.
	* common.opt (floop-optimize2): New.
	(fold-unroll-loops, fold-unroll-all-loops): Remove.
	* doloop.c (doloop_condition_get): Export.
	* flags.h (flag_old_unroll_loops, flag_old_unroll_all_loops):
	Declaration removed.
	* loop-unswitch.c (reversed_condition): Export.
	* loop.c (loop_invariant_p): Use flag_unroll_loops instead
	of flag_old_unroll_loops.
	* opts.c (common_handle_option): Handle -floop-optimize2,
	do not handle -fold-unroll-loops and -fold-unroll-all-loops.
	* params.def (PARAM_MAX_DOLOOP_INSNS): New.
	* rtl.h (get_mode_bounds, doloop_condition_get,
	reversed_condition): Declare.
	* stor-layout.c (get_mode_bounds): New function.
	* toplev.c (flag_old_unroll_loops, flag_old_unroll_all_loops):
	(flag_loop_optimize2): New.
	(rest_of_handle_loop_optimize): Use flag_unroll_loops instead
	of flag_old_unroll_loops.
	(rest_of_handle_loop2): Call doloop_optimize_loops.
	(rest_of_compilation): Use flag_loop_optimize2.
	(process_options): Remove flag_old_unroll_loops handling, add
	flag_loop_optimize2 handling.
	* toplev.h (flag_loop_optimize2): Declare.
	* unroll.c (unroll_loop): Use flag_unroll_all_loops instead of


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