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gcc/gcc ChangeLog.lno basic-block.h bb-reorder ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gcc
Module name:	gcc
Branch: 	lno-branch
Changes by:	2004-01-21 09:24:59

Modified files:
	gcc            : ChangeLog.lno basic-block.h bb-reorder.c cfg.c 
	                 cfghooks.c cfghooks.h cfglayout.c cfglayout.h 
	                 cfgrtl.c loop-unswitch.c tracer.c 
	                 tree-alias-common.c tree-cfg.c tree-flow.h 

Log message:
	* basic-block.h (struct reorder_block_def): Moved from cfglayout.h.
	(alloc_rbi_pool, initialize_bb_rbi, free_rbi_pool): Declare.
	* bb-reorder.c (copy_bb, copy_bb_p): Use duplicate_block hooks.
	* loop-unswitch.c (unswitch_loop): Ditto.
	* tracer.c (tail_duplicate): Ditto.
	* tree-ssa-loop.c (copy_loop_headers): Ditto.
	* cfg.c (rbi_pool): New.
	(alloc_rbi_pool, free_rbi_pool, initialize_bb_rbi): New functions.
	* cfghooks.c (can_duplicate_block_p, duplicate_block): New functions.
	* cfghooks.h (struct cfg_hooks): Add can_duplicate_block_p and
	duplicate_block hooks.
	(can_duplicate_block_p, duplicate_block): Declare.
	* cfglayout.c (cfg_layout_pool): Removed.
	(cfg_layout_initialize_rbi): Removed.
	(fixup_reorder_chain): Use initialize_bb_rbi.
	(cfg_layout_can_duplicate_bb_p, cfg_layout_duplicate_bb):
	Ir-independent parts moved to cfghooks.c.
	(cfg_layout_initialize): Use alloc_rbi_pool and initialize_bb_rbi.
	(cfg_layout_finalize): Use free_rbi_pool.
	(can_copy_bbs_p): Use can_duplicate_block_p.
	(copy_bbs): Use duplicate_block.
	* cfglayout.h (struct reorder_block_def): Moved to basic-block.h
	(cfg_layout_can_duplicate_bb_p, cfg_layout_duplicate_bb,
	cfg_layout_initialize_rbi): Declaration removed.
	* cfgrtl.c (cfg_layout_create_basic_block): Use initialize_bb_rbi.
	(cfg_layout_rtl_cfg_hooks): Add cfg_layout_can_duplicate_bb_p and
	* tree-cfg.c (build_tree_cfg): Call alloc_rbi_pool.
	(create_bb): Call initialize_bb_rbi.
	(delete_tree_cfg): Call free_rbi_pool.
	(tree_duplicate_bb): Ir independent parts moved to cfghooks.c.
	(tree_cfg_hooks): Add tree_can_duplicate_bb_p and tree_duplicate_bb.
	* tree-flow.h (tree_duplicate_bb): Declaration removed.
	* tree-alias-common.c (create_alias_vars): Don't use
	andersen_alias_ops when we don't HAVE_BANSHEE.
	* tree-ssa-loop.c (pass_ch): Remove TODO_verify_ssa.


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