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gcc/gcc ChangeLog ggc-zone.c

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gcc
Module name:	gcc
Changes by:	2004-01-05 19:23:50

Modified files:
	gcc            : ChangeLog ggc-zone.c 

Log message:
	2004-01-05  Daniel Berlin  <>
	* ggc-zone.c: Remove everything in #ifdef USING_MALLOC_PAGE_GROUPS
	(USING_MMAP): We don't support non-mmap.
	(struct alloc_chunk): Steal 1 bit from typecode, use it to mark
	large objects.
	(struct page_entry): Remove bytes_free.
	(struct page_table_chain): Remove.
	(struct globals): Remove page_table member.
	(loookup_page_table_entry): Function deleted.
	(set_page_table_entry): Ditto.
	(ggc_allocated_p): No longer need page table lookups.
	(ggc_marked_p): Ditto.
	(alloc_small_page): Don't care about bytes_free anymore.
	(alloc_large_page): Round up size.
	(ggc_alloc_zone_1): Mark large objects as such, and calculate
	their size the new way.
	Remove page table lookups and setting.
	(ggc_get_size): Calculate large object size the new way.
	(sweep_pages): Redo to account for fact that we no longer have
	(ggc_collect): No longer need to reincrement bytes_free.
	(ggc_pch_alloc_object): Handle new large objects properly.
	(ggc_pch_read): Put PCH stuff into it's own uncollected zone.


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