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gcc/gcc ChangeLog.rtlopt gcov-io.h ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gcc
Module name:	gcc
Branch: 	rtlopt-branch
Changes by:	2002-11-26 17:15:37

Modified files:
	gcc            : ChangeLog.rtlopt gcov-io.h 
	                 libgcc2.c loop-init.c profile.c profile.h vpt.c 

Log message:
	* (loop-init.o): Add gcov-io.h dependency.
	* gcov-io.h (struct counter_section, struct counter_section_data): New.
	(struct function_info): n_arc_counts, n_loop_histogram_counters and
	n_value_histogram_counters fields merged into new n_counter_sections and
	counter_sections fields.
	(struct gcov_info): arc_counts, n_arc_counts, histogram_counts,
	n_histogram_counts, value_counts and n_value_counts merged into
	n_counter_sections and counter_sections fields.
	* libgcc2.c (gcov_exit, __gcov_flush): Rewritten to enable adding
	new section types.
	* loop-init.c: Include gcov-io.h.
	(loop_optimizer_init): Modified.
	* profile.c (struct function_list): count_edges, histogram_counters
	and value_counters merged to n_counter_sections and counter_sections
	(set_purpose, label_for_tag, build_counter_section_fields,
	build_counter_section_value, build_counter_section_data_fields,
	build_counter_section_data_value, build_function_info_fields,
	build_function_info_value, build_gcov_info_fields,
	build_gcov_info_value, find_counters_section): New.
	(instrument_edges, instrument_loops, instrument_values,
	get_histogram_counts, compute_loop_histograms, compute_value_histograms,
	compute_branch_probabilities, branch_prob, create_profiler): Modified
	to enable adding new section types.
	* profile.h (MAX_COUNTER_SECTIONS): New.
	(struct section_info): New.
	(struct profile_info): count_instrumented_edges, count_histogram_counters,
	count_value_counters, count_edges_instrumented_now,
	count_histogram_counters_now, count_value_counters_now,
	have_loop_histograms, have_value_histograms fields merged into
	new n_sections and section_info fields.
	(find_counters_section): Declare.
	* vpt.c (insn_values_to_profile, gen_mod_subtract): Fix.


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