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gcc boehm-gc/ChangeLog boehm-gc/ bo ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gcc
Module name:	gcc
Branch: 	new-regalloc-branch
Changes by:	2002-11-20 14:20:53

Modified files:
	boehm-gc       : ChangeLog configure 
	        mach_dep.c os_dep.c 
	boehm-gc/include/private: gc_locks.h gcconfig.h 
	config         : ChangeLog 
	contrib        : ChangeLog gcc_update gennews 
	contrib/regression: ChangeLog 
	fastjar        : ChangeLog aclocal.m4 
	        configure dostime.c 
	                 dostime.h jargrep.c jartool.c 
	include        : ChangeLog ansidecl.h demangle.h fibheap.h 
	                 getopt.h hashtab.h libiberty.h partition.h 
	                 sort.h splay-tree.h 
	libf2c         : ChangeLog aclocal.m4 configure 
	libf2c/libF77  : Version.c 
	libf2c/libI77  : Version.c open.c rsne.c 
	libf2c/libU77  : Version.c datetime_.c 
	libffi         : ChangeLog configure 
	libffi/include : 
	libffi/src     : ffitest.c java_raw_api.c prep_cif.c types.c 
	libffi/src/arm : ffi.c sysv.S 
	libffi/src/m68k: ffi.c 
	libffi/src/mips: ffi.c 
	libffi/src/s390: ffi.c sysv.S 
	libffi/src/sparc: ffi.c 
	libffi/src/x86 : ffi.c sysv.S 
	libiberty      : ChangeLog README config.table 
	                 configure cp-demangle.c 
	                 cplus-dem.c fibheap.c lbasename.c md5.c regex.c 
	                 safe-ctype.c splay-tree.c vasprintf.c 
	libiberty/testsuite: demangle-expected 
	libobjc        : ChangeLog Object.m Protocol.m 
	                 aclocal.m4 archive.c class.c configure 
	        encoding.c gc.c hash.c init.c 
	                 misc.c nil_method.c objects.c sarray.c 
	                 selector.c sendmsg.c thr-mach.c thr.c 
	libobjc/objc   : encoding.h hash.h objc.h runtime.h thr.h 
	maintainer-scripts: ChangeLog gcc_release snapshot-README 
	                    update_version update_web_docs 
	zlib           : ChangeLog.gcj configure 
Added files:
	contrib        : 
	fastjar        : .cvsignore acinclude.m4 fastjar.texi 
	libffi/src/sh  : ffi.c sysv.S 
	libffi/src/x86 : ffi64.c unix64.S 
	libiberty/testsuite: test-demangle.c 
Removed files:
	config         : mpw-mh-mpw 
	config/mpw     : ChangeLog MoveIfChange README forward-include 
	                 g-mpw-make.sed mpw-touch mpw-true null-command 
	                 open-brace tr-7to8-src true 
	libiberty/testsuite: regress-demangle 

Log message:
	merge to ra-merge-20021120


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