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gcc/libstdc++-v3 ChangeLog docs/html/17_intro/ ...

CVSROOT:	/cvs/gcc
Module name:	gcc
Changes by:	2002-11-10 17:10:45

Modified files:
	libstdc++-v3   : ChangeLog 
	libstdc++-v3/docs/html/17_intro: howto.html 
	libstdc++-v3/docs/html/22_locale: locale.html messages.html 
	libstdc++-v3/docs/html/23_containers: howto.html 
	libstdc++-v3/docs/html/24_iterators: howto.html 
	libstdc++-v3/docs/html/25_algorithms: howto.html 
	libstdc++-v3/docs/html/26_numerics: howto.html 
	libstdc++-v3/docs/html/27_io: howto.html 
	libstdc++-v3/docs/html/ext: howto.html sgiexts.html 
	libstdc++-v3/docs/html/faq: index.html index.txt 

Log message:
	* docs/html/17_intro/howto.html: Make "chapter 22 notes" a link.
	* docs/html/faq/index.html: Mention that GCC ships with a newer
	version of the library than the last snapshot. Make "see below" a
	link. Add missing <html> tag.
	* docs/html/faq/index.txt: Regenerate.
	* docs/html/22_locale/locale.html, docs/html/22_locale/messages.html,
	docs/html/23_containers/howto.html, docs/html/24_iterators/howto.html,
	docs/html/25_algorithms/howto.html, docs/html/26_numerics/howto.html,
	docs/html/27_io/howto.html, docs/html/ext/howto.html,
	docs/html/ext/sgiexts.html: Add missing <html> tag.


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