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[Bug c/33598] gcc 4.2.1 ignores GNU ld on Solaris 9

------- Comment #12 from dhaliK at jla dot rutgers dot edu  2007-09-30 18:12 -------
Thanks for the subdir heads up, I was not aware of that being an issue. On my
next build I'll move it outside the src tree and see if it is happier.

As far as sparcv9 goes, the bin and lib dirs obviously have to be different:

--bindir=/usr/local/bin/sparcv9 --libdir=/usr/local/lib/sparcv9

as opposed to defaults, but the main differences is the use of:


rather than the standard /usr/local/lib. We don't want default sparc builds
(v8+) looking in sparcv9 and of course sparcv9 should. Actually, while I was
looking through the spec for this I found a typo that probably isn't related
but could be a problem and should be fixed. In the meantime I'm rerunning the
build outside of the src tree at your request.

Have you guys had issues in the past with gmake -j or is it just my particular
build platform? I wish I could use smp... it would finish a lot faster ;)


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