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[Bug middle-end/33597] Internal compiler error while compiling libswcale from ffmpeg

------- Comment #5 from ubizjak at gmail dot com  2007-09-30 10:28 -------
Patch in testing:

--cut here--
Index: tree-vect-analyze.c
--- tree-vect-analyze.c (revision 128890)
+++ tree-vect-analyze.c (working copy)
@@ -2696,6 +2696,13 @@
                  return false;
              icode = (int) optab->handlers[(int) vec_mode].insn_code;
+             if (icode == CODE_FOR_nothing)
+               {
+                 if (vect_print_dump_info (REPORT_SLP))
+                   fprintf (vect_dump,
+                            "Build SLP failed: op not supported by target.");
+                 return false;
+               }
              optab_op2_mode = insn_data[icode].operand[2].mode;
              if (!VECTOR_MODE_P (optab_op2_mode))
--cut here--


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