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[Bug target/33532] bogus escape

------- Comment #6 from kai-gcc-bugs at khms dot westfalen dot de  2007-09-25 17:36 -------
I don't know about Wolfgang.

As for me:

1. This is rather confusing.

2. I was writing a perl script to correlate source with tm.texi documentation.
I certainly couldn't think of an algorithm that would parse all of these:


I believe I've even seen several of these in the same brace block. (Not
necessarily in this target.)

I can certainly see no reason why these extra escapes SHOULD be permitted. All
they seem to do is obfuscate the code.

Furthermore, this is most definitely undocumented (and I'd guess unintentional)
behaviour. The docs seem to be pretty clear: the contents of a brace block is a
piece of C, period.

Really, I think calling this an enhancment request is wrong: it is plainly a
bug. Not necessarily a severe bug, and one can certainly argue why it's there
and what would be the correct solution, but I am firmly convinced that the
status quo is NOT correct.


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