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[Bug target/33532] bogus escape

------- Comment #5 from wilson at gcc dot gnu dot org  2007-09-24 22:53 -------
Echoing what Andrew Pinski already said, this isn't C code, this is RTL code,
the format of which is specified by the read-rtl.c file.  Specifically, see the
read_brace_string function, which accepts backslash quoting exactly the same as
the read_quoted_string function.  Unless you are proposing a change to the
read_brace_string function, there is nothing wrong with this code.  Though I
will admit that the backslashes are unnecessary here and could optionally be
removed without harm.

If you are proposing changes to the read_brace_string function, it would have
been nice to mention that.  If you want to find all such problems, changing
this function is probably the easiest way to do that.  If you want to prevent
such problems from being reintroduced later, then you would definitely have to
change this function.  Maybe add an argument to the read_escape function so
that we can handle calls from read_quoted_string differently than calls from

I have no idea at the moment why this matters to you.  A little context might
be helpful.


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