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[Bug tree-optimization/33535] bitpos_of_field() returns false result base of hard coded multiplication by 8

------- Comment #2 from tomerben at ceva-dsp dot com  2007-09-23 16:31 -------
(In reply to comment #1)
> If so (did you look how DECL_FIELD_OFFSET is set?) then the documentation in
> tree.h needs adjustment as well:
> /* In a FIELD_DECL, this is the field position, counting in bytes, of the
>    DECL_OFFSET_ALIGN-bit-sized word containing the bit closest to the beginning
>    of the structure.  */
> #define DECL_FIELD_OFFSET(NODE) (FIELD_DECL_CHECK (NODE)->field_decl.offset)

I don't think the documentation needs to be modified - multiplying the offset
in bytes (=units) by the BITS_PER_UNIT makes perfect sense to get the bitpos of
a certain field.

taken from the gcc internals:
"BITS_PER_UNIT [Macro]- Define this macro to be the number of bits in an
addressable storage unit (byte). If you do not define this macro the default is

In most cases unit=byte=8 but in my case unit=byte=16 and hard coded
multiplication by 8 is wrong.


tomerben at ceva-dsp dot com changed:

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