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[Bug c++/33521] -m128bit-long-double and printf don't mix

------- Comment #4 from Raf_Schietekat at ieee dot org  2007-09-22 19:47 -------
Thanks. Somehow I had managed to miss that warning in the flag's documentation
and came up with some of it on my own, but at the same time I thought that each
object file would/could be marked with how it was compiled so that the linker
could check this whenever a long double is involved (even for arguments to
"..." if a place is found to store that information, given that gcc can do
other fancy things like comparing an argument list with the format string), to
warn and/or to juggle things around where possible using some ad-hoc glue code.
I was also thinking that this should instead be done with pragma's so that the
compiler is aware of all the issues (for anything else than bare long doubles,
linker glue code would become expensive or impossible). Anyway, I'll probably
give this flag a wide berth and my only suggestion is for some more guidance on
its use.


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