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[Bug tree-optimization/33453] New: ICE in build2_stat, at tree.c:3110 with -ftree-parallelize-loops=4 -ftree-vectorize

Following (delta reduced) testcase ICEs with 'gcc -O2 -msse2
-ftree-parallelize-loops=4 -ftree-vectorize' on i686 and x86_64:

gcc -O2 -msse2 -ftree-parallelize-loops=4 -ftree-vectorize 048.c
048.c: In function 'Create_BCyl':
048.c:15: internal compiler error: in build2_stat, at tree.c:3110
Please submit a full bug report,

--cut here--
typedef struct BCyl_Struct BCYL;
typedef struct BCyl_Entry_Struct BCYL_ENTRY;
struct BCyl_Entry_Struct
  short r1, r2;
  short h1, h2;
struct BCyl_Struct
  int number;
  BCYL_ENTRY *entry;
Create_BCyl (int number, double *tmp_r1, double *tmp_r2, double *tmp_h1,
             double *tmp_h2)
  int i, j, nr, nh;
  int *tmp_r1_index;
  int *tmp_r2_index;
  int *tmp_h1_index;
  int *tmp_h2_index;
  BCYL *bcyl;
  for (i = 0; i < bcyl->number; i++)
      bcyl->entry[i].r1 = tmp_r1_index[i];
      bcyl->entry[i].r2 = tmp_r2_index[i];
      bcyl->entry[i].h1 = tmp_h1_index[i];
      bcyl->entry[i].h2 = tmp_h2_index[i];
--cut here--

           Summary: ICE in build2_stat, at tree.c:3110 with -ftree-
                    parallelize-loops=4 -ftree-vectorize
           Product: gcc
           Version: 4.3.0
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P3
         Component: tree-optimization
        AssignedTo: unassigned at gcc dot gnu dot org
        ReportedBy: ubizjak at gmail dot com
 GCC build triplet: i686-pc-linux-gnu
  GCC host triplet: i686-pc-linux-gnu
GCC target triplet: i686-*-*, x86_64-*-*

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