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[Bug libfortran/21185] libgfortran unusable for cross-testing for newlib targets

------- Comment #20 from rask at gcc dot gnu dot org  2007-09-15 10:19 -------
arm-unknown-elf has 8000+ failures.
Some of them are similar to this one (which happen on the other targets as
/n/12/rask/src/all/gcc/testsuite/gfortran.dg/chmod_1.f90:0: warning: 'const'
attribute directive ignored
/n/12/rask/src/all/gcc/testsuite/gfortran.dg/chmod_1.f90:0: warning: 'nothrow'
attribute directive ignored
/tmp/cc2tVIvn.o: In function `MAIN__':
chmod_1.f90:(.text+0x18c): undefined reference to `_gfortran_chmod_i4_sub'
chmod_1.f90:(.text+0x1f0): undefined reference to `_gfortran_chmod_i4_sub'
chmod_1.f90:(.text+0x200): undefined reference to `_gfortran_getuid'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

FAIL: gfortran.dg/chmod_1.f90  -O1  (test for excess errors)

The full list of functions (not all of which are missing on all targets):

Another type of failure is this one:
At line 13 of file /n/12/rask/src/all/gcc/testsuite/gfortran.dg/PR19872.f (unit
= 1, file = 'fort.1')
Fortran runtime error: End of file

Counts for each target:
arm: 1264
frv: 1192
mipsisa64: 32
sh: 0
v850: 1192

frv-unknown-elf looks reasonable:
# of expected passes            19140
# of unexpected failures        1438
# of expected failures          6
# of unresolved testcases       96
# of untested testcases         8
# of unsupported tests          100

mipsisa64-unknown-elf: 8000+ failures, many of which are this one:
mips-core: 1 byte read to unmapped address 0x0 at 0xffffffff800214c8
program stopped with signal 10.
FAIL: gfortran.fortran-torture/execute/write_logical.f90 execution,  -O3 -g

sh-unknown-elf: 8000+ failures, of which 6000+ are linker errors. There are
many of this one:
/n/12/rask/src/all/newlib/libc/sys/sh/syscalls.c:210: undefined reference to

v850-unknown-elf looks reasonable:
# of expected passes            19319
# of unexpected failures        1315
# of expected failures          6
# of unresolved testcases       50
# of unsupported tests          100


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