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[Bug libfortran/33225] Missing last digit in some formatted output (on 32bit targets), per kind write_float

------- Comment #20 from jvdelisle at gcc dot gnu dot org  2007-09-05 00:51 -------
Subject: Bug 33225

Author: jvdelisle
Date: Wed Sep  5 00:51:18 2007
New Revision: 128114

2007-03-04  Jerry DeLisle  <>

        PR libfortran/33225
        * io/write.c (stdbool.h): Add include. (sign_t): Move typedef to
        new file write_float.def. Include write_float.def.
        (extract_real): Delete. (calculate_sign): Delete.
        (calculate_exp): Delete. (calculate_G_format): Delete.
        (output_float): Delete. (write_float): Delete.
        * io/write_float.def (calculate_sign): Added.
        (output_float): Refactored to be independent of kind and added to this
        file for inclusion. (write_infnan): New function to write "Infinite" or
        "NaN" depending on flags passed, independent of kind.
        (CALCULATE_EXP): New macro to build kind specific functions. Use it.
        (OUTPUT_FLOAT_FMT_G): New macro, likewise. Use it.
        (DTOA, DTOAL): Macros to implement "decimal to ascii".
        (WRITE_FLOAT): New macro for kind specific write_float functions.
        (write_float): Revised function to determine kind and use WRITE_FLOAT
        to implement kind specific output.



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