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[Bug fortran/33271] nint_2.f90 abort compiled with -O0

------- Comment #5 from michelin60 at gmail dot com  2007-09-03 13:49 -------

> (gcc a.c -lm -W -Wall; try with -O0 and -O1, I expect it will fail only at
> -O0).
> One last question: in your build tree, you should have a file named
> ${builddir}/${target_triplet}/libgfortran/config.h. How does it define the
Let me start off by saying that today is a holiday and that tomoorow I am back
at work and traveling, I am not allowed to use __any__ business assets for GCC
connected activity.

That last question seems beyond my ken. I am running glibc-2.6.1
(the latest official). The GCC tree is just the fairly current svn without any
changes by myself. I am a chemical engineer and computers, compilers are just
tools as far as I am concerned. I certainly do not use the latest for
production work (I have about a dozen compilers that I can make active at any
given time. This is my home machine and completely disconnected from my

We just had an extensive power outage and we just recovering. I will try and
run that program today? the question is with which C compiler ( the latest
Trunk, gcc-4.3.0? 4.1.current? 3.3.6 ? or 3.4.6? and even the junky 4.2.1) I am
not prepared to give you a choice of glibc as going back to earlier versions is
generally discouraged and rather risky.

Regarding the last question just look in your own current svn tree.

You might also look at PR33271 or PR33277 for my latest fiasco with Pinski. He
appears to owe his job to Dr. Edelsohn and was just hanging around a school
where a relative is a department head for several years. (this is documentable)

Do not try to recruit me as a maintainer because I would __never__ consider
working in an organization as politiized and poorly run as GCC. Mark Mitchel is
just not allowed to act as a real release manager.

The exception is the fortran group (minus Kargl). Where Paul Thomas has been
doing herculean work. I would love to see at least part of that work in 4.1.x
as 4.2.x and 4.3.x are completely messed up with things like decimal float
(major marketing tool of IBM). By the way the latest gcc on AIX is 3.3.1. Thus,
the IBM marketing types are pratically stating that they want to see gcc-4

Now if you do not want to work with me any more, just let me know. I am am
pretty hard boiled from the US corporate world and can spot the gcc
manipulations from a mile away.


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