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[Bug middle-end/33277] [4.3 Regression] gcc.c-torture/execute/930921-1.c ICEs on ppc

------- Comment #6 from pinskia at gcc dot gnu dot org  2007-09-02 17:49 -------
Lets see, IBMers working on GCC: more than 11.
Intel folks working on GCC: ~3 or so.
AMDers working on GCC: at least 4 but growing (includes Michael Meissner).
Googlers: who knows any more :) (but at least 10).
Redhat: unknown anymore (at least 12 still)
Codesourcery: ~ 16
Novell (including Suse): ~14 (maybe more)

I don't know why you are dissing IBM here really, it is really becoming a joke.
 IBM is like any big company that supports open source in providing suport for
GCC.  If you want to look at some trend, then you should question goolge (then
again I would not).  Also there are many other companies support powerpc work
for GCC (including Sony for the Cell BEA [me] ).  Freescale has some problems
with their mangement to be able submitting stuff.  

The other thing you should be looking into is a cygnus conspiracy (then again
that conspiracy has been going since 1999 and does not go away every year).  

But seriously there is no conspiracy when it comes to either IBM or cygnus (aka
redhat).  The GCC SC is made up of a people who work for different companies
(and most of the time don't represent them during SC talk.  Also the SC does
not do day to day mangement of GCC. Maintainers do that.  And maintainers in
GCC come from all different companies.  I think you need to look into
MAINTAINERS file to see that.  Yes David is a maintainer for the rs6000 backend
but that does not mean he cause all the issues when it comes to the back-end. 
He does try to fix them every time something comes up and quicky at that.  Just
take a look at PR 33151 (within 4 days of the bug being opened the bug was

The problem here though is not really target related except it only shows up on
rs6000 since the target independent changes caused it.

One should note that this is a long weekend in the US.


pinskia at gcc dot gnu dot org changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|dje at watson dot ibm dot   |
                   |com, mark at codesourcery   |
                   |dot com                     |

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