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[Bug middle-end/33277] [4.3 Regression] Bootstrap check failures ICE's

------- Comment #5 from michelin60 at gmail dot com  2007-09-02 15:23 -------
I am beginning to enjoy this:

There are about 34 hours between the first indication of failure on regress an
my  report. There are about 8 hours between my report and the first
acknowledgment by GCC. This came by master of obfuscation and arbitrariness: Mr

The management motto at GCC seems to be: "Do as I say, do not do as I do"

There is one person on the steering committee, who has real experience in
building and managing a grou of professionals. His name is Mark Mitchell of
There is another member, acting as chairman, who is decidedly mis-using GCC for
the interest of one company. His name is Dr. Edelsohn of IBM. This is not my
statement I posted, acknowledged by GGC, proof in an earlier posting  PR3316. 
That posting caused Mr. Pinski to flaunt a few more rules of comity, ownership
of intellectual property (the posting), etc. There is ample confirmation
provided for this misuse of GCC by using Google to for "Scott Handy IBM". Mr
Handy is pretty far up in IBM management.

Well as long as my name appears as poster of reporter I reserve the right to
whatever I please within the rules governing defamation and avoidance of foul
language like used habitually by Mr. Pinski.


michelin60 at gmail dot com changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |dje at watson dot ibm dot
                   |                            |com, mark at codesourcery
                   |                            |dot com

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