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[Bug middle-end/33279] Failed to warn uninitialized stack variable

------- Comment #5 from hjl at lucon dot org  2007-09-02 13:56 -------
(In reply to comment #4)
>   bar (frame.value);
> That call to bar causes the whole frame struct escapes here, not just the array
> element.  
> void bar (mpz_t);
> is really:
> void bar(int*);
> because of array decaying in parameters.
> Again with pointer arithmetic, bar can get back to the original struct and be
> able to set prev.  So again there is no bug here.

When bar is called from

mpz_t value;
bar (value);

there is no original struct to go back to and there can be another

typedef struct iterator_stack_2
  struct iterator_stack_2 *prev;
  mpz_t value;
  int foo;
} iterator_stack_2;

iterator_stack_2 x;
bar (x.value);

What does bar get back to? Are you saying if a pointer is passed to bar,
it can get back to any original struct where the pointer is a field?


hjl at lucon dot org changed:

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