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[Bug libstdc++/29496] _M_invalidate function is not thread-safe in GLIBCXX_DEBUG mode

------- Comment #15 from l_heldt at poczta dot onet dot pl  2006-10-31 13:42 -------
(In reply to comment #14)
> (In reply to comment #13)
> > We actually encountered this problem - this is not taken from code review only.
> Again, adding a mutex to that those *_base functions it's trivial. Now, please
> start preparing reduced testcases for such issues, because apprently you *know*
> how to do that. The approach "No test case - no bug" maybe can be considered
> "naive" as you say, on the other hand enforcing it eventually makes for sound
> software engineering, because would be even more naive to rely on submitter
> itself and no one else in the world to test a candidate fix, thus not being
> able to avoid regressions at a later stage within the project.

I tried to prepare a simple testcase but without any success. It seems to be
extremely hard to hit the moment when pointers are actually changed. Trivial
programs do not reveal the problem.


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