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[Bug fortran/28885] ICE passing components of array of derived type

------- Comment #8 from drewmccormack at mac dot com  2006-10-31 08:51 -------
Unfortunately, though the fix did work for the example code, it doesn't seem to
be general enough. In particular, if you change the example code to include
just one extra subroutine call, the same compiler error arises. So, a fix is
need that can handle any number of subroutine calls, not just one or two.

Here is new code demonstrating the error. It is simply the original code with
one extra subroutine call:

program test
  type t  
    integer :: i
    integer :: j
  end type
  type (t) :: a(5) 
  call sub('one',a%j)
  call sub('two',a%i)
  call sub('two',a%i)
  subroutine sub(key,a)
    integer, intent(out)    :: a(:) 
    character(*),intent(in) :: key
    a = 1   
  end subroutine
end program 


drewmccormack at mac dot com changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |drewmccormack at mac dot com
             Status|RESOLVED                    |REOPENED
  GCC build triplet|gcc version 4.2.0 20060805  |gcc version 4.2.0 20061007
                   |(experimental)              |(experimental)
 GCC target triplet|powerpc-apple-darwin8.7.0   |powerpc-apple-darwin8.8.0
         Resolution|FIXED                       |

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