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[Bug fortran/24518] Intrinsic MOD incorrect for large arg1/arg2 and slow.

------- Comment #8 from uros at kss-loka dot si  2006-10-25 11:48 -------
(In reply to comment #7)

> Just to be sure I understand: we are garanteed that BUILT_IN_REMAINDER{F,,L}
> and BUILT_IN_FMOD{F,,L} are always available, right?

Yes. The expansion does not depend on -ffast-math anymore. However, the named
pattern should be present in .md files. Currently, i386 provides named pattern
for -mfpmath=387, but not for -mfpmath=sse. In the later case, expansion will
fall-back to normal library call.

> gfortran doesn't have a need for errno to be set after math functions are
> called. However, we do want that have "correct" results in all cases: Inf,
> NaN, subnormals, etc. From my reading of the manual, -fno-math-errno would
> imply that we do not get such correct results, am I right?

Fortunatelly, no. The result will be correct. You can see the effect of
-fno-math-errno at
Fixup code detects NaN (as an abnormal return from builtin funcion) and calls
library function in order to set global variable errno. If global variable
errno is not needed (as I suspect is the case with fortran libraries), fixup
code is not needed, so -fno-math-errno shoul be used.


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