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[Bug fortran/18026] boz initialization of REALs fails

------- Comment #13 from sgk at troutmask dot apl dot washington dot edu  2006-10-23 19:39 -------
Subject: Re:  boz initialization of REALs fails

On Mon, Oct 23, 2006 at 06:52:06PM -0000, tobias dot burnus at physik dot
fu-berlin dot de wrote:
> In the Intel Fortran Compiler
>  real :: r
>  data r/some BOZ/
> gives the same result as using the Fortran 2003 statement in ifort:
>  real :: r
>  r = real(some boz)
> (At least with the "-switch fe_new_BOZ_constants".)

(1) I'd need to see an example.
(2) The 2 code examples are technically invalid F95.
(3) The first code example is invalid in F2003.

> Therefore, with Fortran 2003 BOZ support in place, implementing this in
> gfortran should then become easier. (Working around will also become easier.(

gfortran implements the F2003 intrepetation of a BOZ in a data
statement.  See the BIG comment in match_boz_constant.   What is
missing is gfortran does not retain knowledge that a BOZ was seen,
so when you hit

real r
data r/some BOZ/

the "assignment" to r does not know the value can from a BOZ.  Hence,
a warning/error can't be issued.

> (As gfortran accepts [integer] BOZ everywhere, it will also have the problem
> whether real( z'F' ) is meant as "convert integer BOZ to integer and then to
> real" or as "convert real BOZ to real". Ifort gives a default warning for both
> -stand f95 and -stand f03, treating the BOZ differently for those two cases.)

I spent a few hours on Friday night and Saturday looking at the F2003
behavior for REAL(z'f').  My first attempt to handle this failed, which
I don't understand.  I have a plan B.


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