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[Bug fortran/28176] FAIL: gfortran.dg/actual_array_constructor_1.f90 -O0 (ICE)

------- Comment #6 from sje at cup dot hp dot com  2006-10-18 20:49 -------
Well, I have tracked it back a little ways.  gfc_trans_vla_type_sizes_1 calls
gfc_trans_vla_one_sizepos with:

gfc_trans_vla_one_sizepos (&TYPE_SIZE (type), body);

If I print out type->type.size I see:

gdb) p debug_tree(type->type.size)
 <save_expr 800003ffbfe3d2c0
    type <integer_type 800003ffbfdaa160 bit_size_type public unsigned sizetype
        size <integer_cst 800003ffbfd9fdb0 constant invariant 128>
        unit size <integer_cst 800003ffbfd9fde0 constant invariant 16>
        align 128 symtab 0 alias set -1 precision 68 min <integer_cst
db8000 0> max <integer_cst 800003ffbfd9ff00 0xfffffffffffffffff>>
    side-effects invariant

So I have a TImode here.  How it got here, I don't yet know.


sje at cup dot hp dot com changed:

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