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[Bug bootstrap/6650] Install the compiler driver under links such as gcc-3.0.1

------- Comment #3 from eldenc at tucsonembedded dot com  2006-10-16 22:18 -------

Compiling/Installation 4.1.1 is really easy, but answering the question 'Does
it compile my stuff?' prior to really installing for everybody is a little

It would be nice if (when lean isn't set) for 'make bootstrap' or 'make
DESTDIR=path-to-rootdir install' to create either 
a) chroot jail for testing 
b) a script that could be sourced to set all relevent environment varables
(e.g. PATH, LD_PATH?) to point at the new compiler, and libraries.
(If this already exists, it should be documented in INSTALL/finalinstall.html
and/or INSTALL/build.html) 
I think b) would be super user required to test stuff out.....

(a grain of salt is required, my status for modern gcc is newbii.....)


eldenc at tucsonembedded dot com changed:

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