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[Bug target/29292] configure produces strange gmp, mpfr lib directories.

------- Comment #8 from danp57 at optonline dot net  2006-10-13 00:25 -------
Subject: Re:  configure produces strange gmp,
 mpfr lib directories.

Yup -- CONFIG_SHELL helps a lot.  Thanks to both you and pinskia.

However, I had *tried* to find aix installation notes at http:// -- didn't see any listed in powerpc  
section, though there is a generic aix page.  None of then specified  
the 32-bit library build for gmp and mpfr required for gfortran (I  
did find a ref under sparc systems).  I also noted the comment that  
online docs were back-level, and to check the bugzilla pages ;-)   
Given the simplicity of what it actually took to fix this, they might  
be worth adding to the install/specific.html pages.

I also noticed significant efforts to update the web pages... looks  


On Oct 12, 2006, at 7:59 PM, dje at gcc dot gnu dot org wrote:

> ------- Comment #7 from dje at gcc dot gnu dot org  2006-10-12  
> 23:59 -------
> Yes, please read the target-specific build and installation notes  
> for AIX.  Set
> CONFIG_SHELL (and SHELL) environment variables to invoke bash.  The
> installation notes also mention process limits.
> -- 
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Daniel Platt


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