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[Bug fortran/29391] LBOUND(TRANSPOSE(I)) doesn't work

------- Comment #1 from fxcoudert at gcc dot gnu dot org  2006-10-09 11:39 -------
The same thing is true for all the array manipulation functions:

  integer :: i(-1:1,-1:1) = 0
  integer :: j(-1:2) = 0

  ! This is working correctly
  write(*,*) lbound(i(-1:1,-1:1)), ubound(i(-1:1,-1:1))
  write(*,*) lbound(i(:,:)), ubound(i(:,:))
  write(*,*) lbound(i(0:,-1:)), ubound(i(0:,-1:))
  write(*,*) lbound(i(:0,:1)), ubound(i(:0,:1))

  ! None of the following is working
  write(*,*) lbound(transpose(i)), ubound(transpose(i))
  write(*,*) lbound(reshape(i,(/2,2/))), ubound(reshape(i,(/2,2/)))
  write(*,*) lbound(cshift(i,-1)), ubound(cshift(i,-1))
  write(*,*) lbound(eoshift(i,-1)), ubound(eoshift(i,-1))
  write(*,*) lbound(spread(i,1,2)), ubound(spread(i,1,2))
  write(*,*) lbound(maxloc(i)), ubound(maxloc(i))
  write(*,*) lbound(minloc(i)), ubound(minloc(i))
  write(*,*) lbound(maxval(i,2)), ubound(maxval(i,2))
  write(*,*) lbound(minval(i,2)), ubound(minval(i,2))
  write(*,*) lbound(product(i,2)), ubound(product(i,2))
  write(*,*) lbound(sum(i,2)), ubound(sum(i,2))
  write(*,*) lbound(any(i==1,2)), ubound(any(i==1,2))
  write(*,*) lbound(count(i==1,2)), ubound(count(i==1,2))
  write(*,*) lbound(matmul(i,i)), ubound(matmul(i,i))
  write(*,*) lbound(lbound(i)), ubound(lbound(i))
  write(*,*) lbound(ubound(i)), ubound(ubound(i))
  write(*,*) lbound(shape(i)), ubound(shape(i))
  write(*,*) lbound(pack(i,.true.)), ubound(pack(i,.true.))
  write(*,*) lbound(unpack(j,(/.true./),(/2/))), &
  write(*,*) lbound(merge(i,i,.true.)), ubound(merge(i,i,.true.))


The results for all write statements below the second comment are off.


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