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[Bug libfortran/25039] broken formatted I/O

------- Comment #3 from fxcoudert at gcc dot gnu dot org  2005-11-26 09:58 -------
(In reply to comment #2)
> What is this unprintable character?  Is that right?

I don't see an unprintable character in my i686-linux dump:

MAIN__ ()
  int4 i1;
  int4 i2;

    struct __st_parameter_dtquire dt_parm.0;

    dt_parm.0.common.filename = "u.f";
    dt_parm.0.common.line = 2;
    dt_parm.0.common.unit = 5;
    dt_parm.0.format = "(2i9)";
    dt_parm.0.format_len = 5;
    dt_parm.0.common.flags = 4096;
    _gfortran_st_read (&dt_parm.0);
    _gfortran_transfer_integer (&dt_parm.0, &i1, 4);
    _gfortran_transfer_integer (&dt_parm.0, &i2, 4);
    _gfortran_st_read_done (&dt_parm.0);
    struct __st_parameter_dtquire dt_parm.1;

    dt_parm.1.common.filename = "u.f";
    dt_parm.1.common.line = 3;
    dt_parm.1.common.unit = 6;
    dt_parm.1.common.flags = 128;
    _gfortran_st_write (&dt_parm.1);
    _gfortran_transfer_integer (&dt_parm.1, &i1, 4);
    _gfortran_transfer_integer (&dt_parm.1, &i2, 4);
    _gfortran_st_write_done (&dt_parm.1);

The dump looks just fine, this must be a library-side problem (and an old one,
probably, considering that g95 is throwing the same error).


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