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[Bug target/24856] call to setlocale doesn't return expected value

------- Comment #15 from tedoc2000 at gmail dot com  2005-11-15 21:27 -------
Okay so it wasn't the --with-local-prefix.
It was the fact that I used --prefix=/opt/OPSWbuildtools/1.0.1.
If I use a directory that doesn't already exist then I get my desired results.
So that makes us ask. "Well what do you have in /opt/OPSWbuildtools/1.0.1?"
I will attach a list of the contents. Basically it is an install of

The most suspicious of the above(IMHO) is the libiconv.. But even though I am
specifying --with-iconv-prefix=/opt/OPSWbuildtools/1.0.1, I don't see that
being used when linking in gcc/ I just see -liconv. 

The only other visible difference I see is when collect2 runs I see a
-L/opt/OPSWbuildtools/1.0.1/lib. But as my test program doesn't use iconv in
anyway I don't see how that could make a difference.

I'm testing to see if just the existance of the directory but without contents
also causes the same problem.

Back when I have definitive results.


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