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[Bug target/24475] gcc.dg/tls/pr24428.c execution test and gcc.dg/tls/pr24428-2.c execution test fail on IA32

------- Comment #6 from uros at kss-loka dot si  2005-11-15 08:13 -------
Perhaps a runtime check should be added to target-supports.exp
( check_effective_target_tls-runtime perhaps) that would check if the system is
capable of running tls enabled binaries. Alternatively, my proposed patch
( could try to run the
tls testcase, instead of just compiling it.

However, addind { dg-require-effective-target tls-runtime }, runtime tests will
also be skipped on the system that is otherwise able to compile testcases.

The job of compiler is IMO to compile sources correctly, and the purpose of
runtime test is to check if the system is able to run testcases. Runtime
failure, reported here, just says that the tested system is not able to run the
testcase and that the system should be upgraded/fixed.


uros at kss-loka dot si changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |uros at kss-loka dot si

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