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[Bug c/24863] New __attribute__((alias("target"))) requirement break aliasing assembler functions

------- Comment #4 from arnold-j at t-online dot de  2005-11-14 23:16 -------
How do you mean, it seems like a hack? Obviously we can't put the asm in a
different file, because then the symbols would clearly be defined in a
different translation unit. As-is they are not, but gcc 4.0.x errors because it
doesn't see the symbols in the inline asm.

There are two main points which require the code to work like it does:

(1) As mentioned, the exception number can only be derived from the called
address. UIE() is there to catch all unexpected interrupts and exceptions, i.e.
those for which there are no specific handlers. That's why all _UIE##number
symbols are defined in the asm block, in a regular structure that allows to
compute the vector number from the called address easily.

(2) We need to weak-alias these asm symbols because they should only be used
when there is no dedicated handler for the specific interrupt or exception
defined in any other source file. Perhaps it would be possible to hard code
which handlers are implemented elsewhere and which are not, but that would be
rather hard to maintain.


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