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[Bug middle-end/24750] [4.1 regression] global-alloc (reload) trips over own confusion for unexpected addressing modes

------- Comment #1 from hp at gcc dot gnu dot org  2005-11-09 02:23 -------
I should mention that
(plus:SI (sign_extend:SI (reg:HI 10 r10)) (reg:SI 1 r1))
is not a valid address, but
(plus:SI (sign_extend:SI (sign_extend:SI (mem:HI (post_inc:SI (reg/f:SI 12
         (reg:SI 1 r1))
is; the problem seems related to reload choosing to reload inner MEM
replacing them with REG even though that's not needed and sometimes
(i.e. for some targets) not valid.  The "real" need is just to reload SRP.
Or perhaps that SRP was chosen as part of an address in the first place.
Or both.  Or maybe we should just bail out and declare
as a sometimes actually *necessary* macro rather than just for optimization,
certain cases, like when a MEM inside an expression can't be validly replaced
with a REG.


hp at gcc dot gnu dot org changed:

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