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[Bug bootstrap/24710] gfortran - fails to build on Mac OSX -10.4.3

------- Comment #17 from wilson at specifix dot com  2005-11-09 02:06 -------
Subject: Re:   New: gfortran - fails to build on Mac OSX

dir at lanl dot gov wrote:
>   strip -o libgcc_s.10.4.dylib_T${mlib} \
>     -s ../.././gcc/config/rs6000/darwin-libgcc.10.4.ver -c -u \
>     libgcc_s${mlib}.1.dylib || exit 1 ; \
> Could Not Open (-o) To Read

This looks like it could be a problem with the strip program thinking 
that -o is a filename instead of an option.  The strip call here was 
only added a month ago.  You wouldn't have seen this before if your last 
update was over a month ago.

Do you maybe have a strip on your path before /usr/bin/strip?

Are you using alternative tools that have their own version of strip 
that is broken?

Are you using the most recent cctools release, that came out on Oct 31? 
  It is available in the infrastructure directory on the ftp 

Just using grep, I can't find that error message anywhere in /usr/lib/* 
or in /usr/bin/strip on my machine.


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