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[Bug target/24743] NaN or correct result after divrp with 3 FPU registers

------- Comment #2 from sraa at kse dot nl  2005-11-08 21:57 -------
Subject: RE:  NaN or correct result after divrp with 3 FPU registers


That's the big problem. I'm trying for three weeks to get the problem expose
itself in a small program. But I can't get it wrong on purpose. Otherwise I
would have filled in a bug report 3 weeks ago.

So it's a combination of the application with all it's use of memory and the
instructions. It manifests regularly but not constant at our customer. It's
a large application and communicating with PLC's. Even for me is hard to
simulate the proces of the factory at our office. When I'm "lucky" I get the
problem once a day.

A lot of quesions:
- Is there another way that someone with knowledge of gcc (development) can
help me? Maybe someone in The Netherlands.
- Or can you recommend someone at Sun?
- Why isn't this version supported?
- Is it better for me to build a new version of gcc myself?
- When I build a new version on one system, is it possible to copy only the
gcc executable to other systems, or do I need more, or even build again on
all systems needing the new version (I don't expect this, but I ask to be
- When I send a .i or .s file of the source where it goes wrong, is there
nothing you can say about it.

I really have a very big problem since a few systems are waiting on a

Anyhow, thanks for the fast reply, and I hope that you can help me or answer
my questions!

Best regards,

Stefan Raaijmakers.

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From: pinskia at gcc dot gnu dot org [] 
Sent: dinsdag 8 november 2005 22:23
Subject: [Bug target/24743] NaN or correct result after divrp with 3 FPU

------- Comment #1 from pinskia at gcc dot gnu dot org  2005-11-08 21:23
------- Do you have a small source code which exposes the issue here? (Note
I saw "So I can not deliver a small program that reproduces the problem....
" but we really cannot do anything about it if there is not a testcase)

Another thing is that you are using a GCC provided by Sun/Codesourcery and
(FSF) really don't support that version of GCC.  You really should had filed
a bug report to them first.


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