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[Bug bootstrap/21162] Build failure

------- Additional Comments From jdavidb at goreadthebible dot com  2005-04-22 17:50 -------
(In reply to comment #7)
> > For that matter, if one cannot build the 64 bit compiler with the stock compiler
> > on Debian sparc64-unknown-linux-gnu, how does one build this compiler?
> That's a Debian problem, the system compiler is probably the 32-bit biarch
> compiler, in which case you have to configure with CC="gcc -m64" to bootstrap
> the 64-bit compiler.  Does that solve the problem?

  Well, for my purposes, I have chosen to solve the problem by building with the
options as specified in Andrew's reply.

  I can probably run a test for you if you want, using the options you've
mentioned.  But shouldn't something in configure automatically detect "we're
building the 64-bit compiler (by default because of platform), but the compiler
we have is 32-bit, and that requires we tack on some additional options to build"?

  Basically, what I wanted is to stick a fresh "default" gcc 4.0 in
/usr/local/gnu/gcc/4.0.0 .  Whether it's 32 bit or 64 bit is immaterial to me.

  I see how Debian is causing the problem, though if they are using a 32 bit
compiler on a 64 bit platform.  But I would think gcc configure should work
around that.

  I'll check with CC="gcc -m64" ./configure and report back what I get.


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