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[Bug middle-end/20937] BLK ptr's losing original ptr's static-constant readonly attribute.

------- Additional Comments From schlie at comcast dot net  2005-04-12 12:45 -------
(In reply to comment #0)

As heads up, I've verified this is a target problem, the block mem-move expansion needs
to treat the expansion differently if the source is a READONLY. This only leaves three issues:

- For some reason although __FUNCTION__ appeares to be declared as a "static const", references
   to it aren't being corespondingly properly marked? (this should likely be considred a bug).

- For some reason, GCC is casting "char" to "int" prior to returning their value as a "char", which
   although works, is a fairly gross mis-optimization? (which should also likely be considred a bug).

- Finally, as likely an enhancment request, could it please be considred to allow function pointer
   parameters to point to a "static" storage qualifed type, (as opposed to qualifying the parameter
   itself as being qualifed). Thereby enabling a function to differentiate between (static const)* vs.
   (const)* parameters so that their references may be ideally differentiated within the body of the
   function? (as a hopfully broadly usefull extention to enable "static data" to be potentially more
   optimally allocated in a different storage area than run-time allocated data storage may be.)

Thanks, -paul-


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